Stitch Fix #2

I’m ….baaaaack! My cousin took the plunge and signed up for a fix using my referral link so the credit was burning a hole in my virtual pocket. I hadn’t scheduled a fix for a while so I was excited to be receiving a few new pieces for my wardrobe. I asked my stylist for 5 tops for work and my girl Meg listened! I ended keeping all 5 items so I did get 25% off. I will say that since I’m living in civilization and can go to the mall to shop – this will be my last fix for awhile. But as always I appreciate the experience. Continue reading “Stitch Fix #2”

Go Where Wednesday? | Pizzeria Pezzo

Go Where Wednesday? | Daughter Deerest

The nature of the ‘Go Where Wednesday?’ series is changing a bit. My husband and I have moved back to the Twin Cities and we won’t be traveling through rural towns as frequently. However, in civilization there are opportunities to visit new restaurants, boutiques, main streets in charming communities and an unlimited amount of things to do in the outdoors that will be as equally interesting.

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Good relationships are worth waiting for

More than a few days have passed since I posted about The Sneaky Ring Surprise, give it a quick read if you haven’t already. That beautiful sparkly ring that my Love surprised me with no longer resides on my finger, but I reassure you – all is well in our world.


I guess now would be the perfect time to share that I am a washed up D3 basketball player. I think I can count the number of points I scored on all my digits but I tried out just to see if I could make the cut and I did. I don’t know if that tells you more about the people I tried out with or me. I learned a lot about camaraderie and heart during my short lived collegiate basketball career. I also came away with a broken left pinky that doesn’t sit right next to my ring finger.  The band on the beautiful sparkly ring was just a little too thick and rubbed funny against my deformed left pinky. The ring was a little too big, so we would have had to get it resized as well.
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Moving & Grooving

I could start off apologizing and giving you a slew of reasons I’ve been absent, but I’m not going to because I’m moving and grooving in a positive direction. The positivity train departed Northern Nevada last Saturday and finally arrived in Minnesota early Wednesday morning. Can I get a CHOO-CHOO?

ChooChooWe have relocated to the Twin Cities and I am beyond the moon happy. The reason I started this blog in the beginning of the year was to find purpose and focus my energies and have something to show for it. The call to move came sooner than I had anticipated but my desire to continue and invest my time and energy into this blog still exist. Living in a metropolitan area also presents professional opportunities I fully intend to pursue. The direction of this blog is sort of up in the air, we will continue to travel but will focus on Minnesota and surrounding midwest areas. Commerce is everywhere here. I will have so many opportunities to peruse quaint boutiques and unique gift shops. It will be a change of pace but we will also be doing big kid things like buying a house, which terrifies me. It is a level of permanence that just seems too be a lot of responsibility, a level of responsibility I am torn to accept.

The Love starts his new job tomorrow and we have settled in to our temporary living quarters. 

Looking forward to positive life changes. Please be patient as we work out the kinks of moving back to civilization.

Happy to be back!